The new steel trail the railway men are laying from Edmonton leads away and away, I cannot say whither. For these many days I have had an anxious desire to follow it and the glories thereof. I am tired of this town and of the electrical devices that appear and re-appear in the darkness like eyes that open and shut—wicked eyes that burn their commercial message into my very soul. I am sick of these saucy, swaggering streets and of sundry of the townspeople. Come you with me and let us travel down the ways through the heart of the summer! We shall have breeze and sun in our eyes, and breeze and sun in our hearts. If you like not the prospect, pray, come no further, for we be contrary the one to the other and no way-fellows. As we climb on the train this morning, it seems as though our quest for quiet is to be cheated by the wallowing wave of humanity that threatens to submerge us. Who are these close-nudged folk and whither away? She who runs may read them for hard-headed, white-handed men in search of "prospects"; brown-throated homesteaders; real-estate agents out for talking points and for snap fortunes; mining engineers with dunnage bags—young fellows all in the full force of life—these, and "the gang," who are ill-looking men and rather dirty.

Noah's Ark

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But the priest was not forthcoming. Many revelations began to come to me during this my personal journey with the Lord. I watched the congregation filled the church waiting for the priest to come and start the service. I pushed her away and flogged her with anger and she fell on the floor and picked all her things and ran away. I continued flogging her until she left the church compound. He gave me as a leader to lead his people into eternity. I was watching that woman at the altar while waiting for the priest. And God opened and removed the Vail from my spiritual eyes and began to show me the events of this last days and the battle between errors and truth. I saw her mat she used to lie down and some of her very dirty clothes. Then the golden gun stands for the bullet or bomb to short out falsehood and error in His church without compromise.

That was how I began a course called: Discipleship training. She opened her legs wider exposing her red virgina. The golden staff stands for the authority and power. After studying this verse the Holy Spirit opened my eyes I saw why the general dressed me very well. I got a long cane and entered inside that altar and began to flog her. God opened my eyes and showed me the death of His church through the spirit of Babylon. In another revelation I saw myself in a church. I started singing that hymn. Who is the quarried causing the men of God to eat things sacrificed to idols. Praise the Lord. He said because of the presence of this woman in that altar nobody was ready for crusade again. I woke up with tears of joy. I saw the glory of God. He said as the woman was occupying the altar which was where the presence of God was supposed to be. Immediately I turned back. He took me to Luke Because they are carried away with the bewitchment of that woman. I saw many priests and choir members in pure white robes going to the altar for the service.

Let the people rejoice. As you read the Bible you will discover that soul wining generates heavenly joy. God began to give me an interpretation of the revelation. Nobody was ready to win souls. Let the Earth rejoice Praise the Lord. Great things He Has done. It looked as we were in heaven seeing the glory while singing the hymn. The world and the church of God was made drunk with her cup of fornication and seduction. He said the church cathedral is the whole body of Christ. Refuse to prepare for the rapture. No wonder in mark And her forthcoming last message of judgment will usher in the coming kingdom of Jesus on earth. No wonder the Lord always grieve over the dearth of evangelism in His body of believers. When God was explaining these mystery to me. The stone which was cut out of the mountain without hands went and broke into pieces both iron. He said that the stone. He is not happy always. He took me to revelation 17vs1 to end to confirm His word. Go into all the world and preach the gospel.

The dream is certain and its interpretation is sure. The Church of God. God begins to show me many things about the coming of last. God told me that mountain is His presence. It is clear that whatever is written here in Rev. We are enjoying today we must do the same!. John was plainly instructed by one of the seven plague angels saying: So pushing that woman of Babylon out of the altar means. The virgina takes away the senses. The congregation that was watching and waiting for the priests means that the Church was waiting for the truth to come back again. The M. It seemed the whole world gathered together for that event. My brethren. Shout and cry now and pick up your cane and begin to flog her out of your life. Psalm Whoever blocks His way will be crushed. No matter who you are. I noticed that all my relations in abroad returned home.

What are the areas she is seducing you? And you are busy watching her while the King of all kings is coming. I noticed that many people also came to marry her. As we reach there. God gave me a revelation of this pure. Here you see that no one is excluded. Are you still watching her virginal display? Time is no more on our side. My fellow brethren. The preparation was very glorious. As soon as the event started. He is tired of men that he is coming in glory to meet His Church in His hands without any helper. The Bible says in Rev. The crowd was huge. I saw a table at the center of a big field. After sometimes. The same way she showed John our brother the golden cup and John marveled it was the Holy Spirit. The ultimate plan of God. I think. Said he would call the name of each group.

He said that the cola nut is the truth which He has given His body to overcome every error. She said: He continued! So the event started. Oh my God! He instructed us to pick a cola nut when you heard our names. He said that the woman sharing the colanut with me is the woman of Babylon. My family was chosen for the final. All my family members went and carried her up and began to dance and kissed her. He said that I will represent the body of Christ in this last day. He called my name first. I took and he called her. I was surprised when I looked at this woman she was very big. The celebration started. Now is the last context between two last winners. The echo sound like a thunder from heaven. With that joy stirring up in me. As she sat down. He handed over the microphone to the girl. One disciple said it is a new wife of Abraham after the death of Sarah.

I summoned courage. My colanut was bigger than her own. I collected the last one. I now understand that the competition had taken place before. I now shouted and immediately the Holy Spirit gave me understanding of these revelations that the virgin girl is the new virgin. I woke up. When I woke up. I was shocked. Immediately she arrived at the center. Said we are to share that cola nut that was covered with a plate on top of the table. Merriment began. It is the early church. May God open the eyes of his people to see how ugly this woman and how seductive she is. Every time they were driven back. Abraham married the first wife Sarah which represents the old church. When we reached the level called Galatians 2: Here is final quest chapter 29 to For I have betrothed you to one husband. I saw A new Weapon The arrow of truth would seldom penetrate the vultures.

It was at this point the Lord told me about the death of his church and he is now selecting. After the death of Sarah Abraham married a new young wife Ketura which represent the new virgin church. At this level the sky above almost blinded us with its brightness and beauty. I felt peace like I had never felt before. Until I reached this level. Church of God. As they behold faith. But it was on this level. We began picking off the vulture that still covered the priory. About half who had reached this level kept shooting while the others began crying. I felt that being in the army. As the cloud of darkness began dissipating and the sun began to shine down on them. By the time we got to the mountain they had a dozen or more arrows stuck in them yet. As soon as they began to scale the mountain.

The exhilaration of victory continued to grow in all of us. There were also unlimited arrows with the name hope. Those who reached this level are entrusted with the powers of the age to come. From Galatians two twenty. I caught up to faith. Hope and Love. Then turning to me with a seriousness that was very sobering. They were immediately. We decided not to use the arrow of truth until we had destroyed all the vultures. The evil horde sent arrows of accusations and slander at their back and did not stop. I was overwhelmed by His glory. They put on the armour provided and begged to be allowed to go back and attack. Their glory even radiated into the camp of priory who were still under a great cloud of vulture. The former prisoner had great joy in their salvation.

This took a very long time. When I got next to them. They seemed so overwhelmed with appreciation for each level. I felt that I could get close to them. When they touched my sword. With the cloud of depression. Even so. You will understand the complete message. The young virgin did not choose my family based on our intelligence. It was quite understood that it was only Noah and his family that was rescued from the earth including some selected animals. That is the presence of God. They made a decree that whosoever will be a powerful man should come forward. He was very. The land was full of wild animals which were killing people. He never asked for direction or sought from the Lord because he was now a mighty man on earth. And the God of his father Noah. Please read final quest written by Rick Joyner. Galatians 2: Nimrod appeared and become famous as a mighty hunter against those wild animals. And he was a mighty hunter before the Lord.

Remember in Gen. We thought about it. Finally Jesus Christ is coming for a new standard and pure church with good character who stands for truth. After reading these chapters. Men were praying. Genesis He no longer clinged to God. I wonder how God felt when he saw the plan of the man Nimrod. Satan at work!. They had brick for stone and they said: Before they were scattered abroad. He became a tyranny in government. His name meant rebellion and he was against God and His Kingdom. Babylon was the first kingdom that ruled the world. A city of disobedience. He began to rule his Kingdom by himself. What a war? What a devastation! What a controversy! Satan is wicked. The Bible says: So the beginning of Nimrod kingdom.

He succeeded in winning one third of the heavens during his campaign. The sin of disobedience. A city of falsehood. The land was full of Idolatry. Do you know that no single person resisted this idea to challenge God?. Lucifer wanted to overthrow God and challenged Him through the sin of his pride. He turned the cities into a kingdom. Satan began to work with Nimrod when he succeeded in building a city and making a name for himself. If you trace Babylon from the beginning. The rebellious angels were waiting for the election to take place in the. That was a terrible attack Satan brought against the earth. Satan entered Nimrod. He became an ungodly ruler. If you trace the ruling power of Nebuchadnezzar. A city of Idols. Archangel Michael and his angels fought with the dragon. But in the book of revelations chapter He was the only one that goes to the throne of God with unhindered access.

Remember this Nimrod was called by God and he was working with God until satan entered him as he entered Judas the apostle that sold. I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest side of the north. He used to corrupt and confused the host of heavens in Isaiah Then I heard a loud voice saying. If you look at his words he was very sure and bold without fear in what he intended to do against God. There must be something extraordinary in him and they all believed him and followed him because he was the next to God and he knew about God. It is the center of Paganism and idol as the kingdom of Babylon spread all over the earth in Gen. Lucifer said: I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. Other angels must have wondered at what made a servant to turn so sudden against His boss. For that fact. God is the Almighty who knows all secrets. I will ascend above the height of the clouds. That serpent of old called the devil and Satan who deceived the whole world.

They also spread their false religion and paganism in different languages in a different cities where you see the whole world worshiping different kinds of gods and goddesses. Nimrod created his kingdom of Babel where Babylon the source of false religion. Nothing is impossible for a people bound by the concepts of harmony. Remember they have one language. He believed God and trusted Him for his people whenever there was attack and God had been helping him so mightily. No one was able to ask him. Satan has made human being to worship creatures. All this made men believe he can use his physical ability and ideas. That is mechanical power or physical power. All glory and honour were ascribed to Nimrod for protection. Satan entered Nimrod and began to give him ideas and suggestions that was against the will of God.

My brethren let us analyze these three sins: Remember our God is a jealous God and satan knows it. These three points are horrible. All these ideas were introduced by Satan through Nimrod and sin began on earth again after the flood. At this point. That is why today people made a lot of images and objects. He started his own government and made his laws that whoever break his laws will be thrown outside the city for these wild animals. That is why today we have plethora of gods: Nimrod sought power. Satan suggested to Nimrod that [1] builds a city for himself. That is a god they see with their eyes instead of the only supernatural living God their eyes cannot see. In fact. First of all. Now that they have secured a city and walled it. Then in Jeremaiah. My great people of God. He succeeded in pushing men away from God and replaced man. No wonder today everybody wants fame and power just to make a name. Satan was cast down. Satan told Nimrod to build a tower whose top will reach heaven and let them make a name for themselves.

We have seen how Satan appeared. No one is ready to boast in God. Satan lived in Nimrod to challenge God. Satan wanted to make a name for himself against God. Immediately after Gen. Isaiah 48 vs And before this revelation came to John. The city of Babylon has already been destroyed according to old Prophet Isaiah Satan knew that there is no more opportunity again for him to reach heaven. This is where the false woman. So Babylon is using a woman which is counterfeit. Satan told Nimrod to build a tower. Rev 18 vs 1 to end This spirit of Babylon is using a woman to appear because she knows that God is using a woman when he talks about his church and Israel as his wife. Babylon was no where to be found on earth again.

Nimrod was a replica of satan. The seed will save the world from their sins. Queen Semiramis developed her false religion further. She claimed that the son Tammuz. Tammuz and claimed that she conceived him by the Holy Spirit and that Tammuz was Nimrod reborn i. For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen. She later gave birth to a son. But the false religion and customs that originated in Babylon continue to spread all over the whole earth. The seed she was talking about represented Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Let us go to the prophecy of Gen. Professing to be wise. Let us see the prophecy of Gen. God also gave them up to uncleanness. It became a system of idolatry. This continued until the Saviour came. The seed of the woman the church. And you shall bruise his heel! This is why Satan succeeded in crucifying Jesus at the cross and taking him to the grave.

This is why Babylon is the most ancient religious system with firmly placed pagan roots. For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. Rome became the center of idolatry and paganism and idol worshippers who fully introduced the spirit of mother and child worship into the church and called her virgin Mary the mother of Christ. Jesus Christ. Can the devil pursue the devil? Read Acts of Apostle. Rome became world empire and joined the same pagan system of idolatory. Satan in the wife of Nimrod claimed she was the prophetess and her seed. Something dramatic happened. God gave Paul the vision of the coming failure of the church in the future in II Thessalonians. Babylon the great. As Romans joined Christianity with their paganism. After Paul wrote and warned the church about her. Sunday worship. I told you these things. Paul tried to give out those warning. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work only he who now restrains will do so.

Men began to use their ideas and their methods. It says: No wonder the bible called her. Do you not remember that when I was still with you. And the first abomination they did was to change. All the fight Paul fought was to stop errors and falsehood. That day. I did not know when I started shouting: And the church became a part of the world system. From there. The doctrine of asking Mary the mother of Jesus to intercede for them. They converted Christians. She is a human as any other member of the Adamic family. Everyone I asked. So they began to receive worldly recognition and power. Well and truly has a builder said that the land without population is a wilderness, and the population without land is a mob. This last hour I have been in mind-to-mind talk with a young Englishman who does not think much of Canada.

He speaks of our dismal respectability, our tombstone virtues, and our provincial small-mindedness. We call our gardens yards, and have no manners to speak of. Indeed, nothing but a major operation could remedy our boorishness. This must have been uncomfortable in that he still wears leather puttees which are the true hall-mark of men from the British Isles. He talked about our cold winters and how unbearable they were, just as if the cold were not the sepia the North shoots forth to protect herself from joyous loafers. I did not say this, for one cannot be polite and patriotic at the same time, and it is well to be polite I have no doubt he has private means, for he has travelled widely and is a well-educated man. He came here to have a go at homesteading. He does not reply except to ejaculate, "Farming—my hat! The average youth from England finds it trying to be stripped of precedent, and there is nothing approximating Canadian homestead life in London.

We too often forget this and so fail to make allowances for his prejudices and lack of adaptability. Our government mounts him and puts his foot in the saddle, but he must set the pace himself. One can hardly expect the government to do more, but yet, it seems a pity so much excellent material is annually lost to the Dominion because we have not the time or means to work it up. It will take some years to manipulate the crude European immigrants into the mental and physical trim of this Britisher and to inculcate them with equally high political standards. We do not recognize this, or maintain an easy passivity to it, until at some election crises our hearts fail us for fear because of the preponderance of the foreign vote in educational and moral matters. And the Englishman and I speak of subjects of grave import, and of how it is not seemly that we trade too freely with foreign peoples especially with the States of the American Union , neither is it loyal to our most Christian King, George V.

I could wish though that he tell me how we are to avoid so doing. This dear lad would go into literary work if we read anything in Canada besides statistics, sporting news, and crop forecasts. In the contemplation of our sordid practicability, he is lost in astonishment. Sons of bats! If once they tried to frame an impression in black and white they might have some proper comprehension of the word. Any uncouth man can state facts, but it is the telling what the facts stand for that hurts. I tell you what I will do: I will surely be a real-estate man. This I will be. The new world which is the old. Have I told you about Edson and its prospects? While biding my time for a seat at the lunch-counter, I will walk up and down the station platform. Every minute men are arriving to await the out-going train to the city.

They come and come, apparently from nowhere, till there are quite a hundred of them. Of course, they really come from up the street I should have said from the streets, for there are two, or, perhaps, three streets , having recently arrived from the grading camps somewhere up in the mountains. We are going there to-morrow, or maybe the next day, and then we shall see the habitat of these battling, brown-throated fellows who nose the stream of flesh-pots and feed on hunks of brawn. The men philander about, or sit on the platform planks, and loll lazily against the sun-warmed wall. They count their money, smoke, and talk, but on the whole they are quiet. Also they stare at me like they were gargoyles and whisper the one to the other. This is not because of rudeness—not at all!

Even the white armoured Sir Galahad would find it difficult to be knightly in the circumstances. For months they have done naught save stake out and measure up, shovel gravel, dig ditches, set transits, sweat and swear, for a railway, you may have heard, is built with heavier implements than batons, pens, or golfsticks. This is why they will give her all their money and not because they are of the earth very earthy. Do you waggle your head at me! Do you? Then I care not a straw. It only means you do not comprehend the ways of men at our frontier posts. This trail, they tell me, is one hundred and fifty miles long, and may be traversed in six days, a journey which from other points formerly took as many weeks. In the spring, fifteen thousand homesteads will be thrown open for entry, so that presently it will seem that all creation is trekking this way.

And why not? It requires no fore-vision to know that the land has a future above anxiety. Up this trail there is a new world to be possessed, an unequalled empire, in which men may go hither and yon as they please. It gives my feet a staccato movement to think of it. Some city folk there are who might fear the trail, but this were foolish. It is good to ride on a long trail and laugh out loud for sheer joy. On the trail, the ear of Society is closed and there are smoked goggles on her eyes. I have been talking to a stripling from Nova Scotia, who has been here these four months. When first he came, there were but three girls in the village; now, there are eighteen. As a result of this increased immigration, the weekly dance is better attended and is more amicable. He hopes to get a steading that will one day become a town site. This is the dream of every northern farmer: Who can say?

Providence keeps a closer eye on farmers than we imagine. As yet, the boy has not persuaded any girl to accompany him to Grand Prairie. I would go myself only I had the reason a minute ago but it has escaped me ; what was it? Oh yes! I remember now, I am already married. The Land of Cockaigne could not have been situate in the North, for in that most blessed land every Jack has his Jill and found no difficulty in keeping her. I went to two hotels before I could find a room. I should have registered at once instead of loitering at the station. In the first hotel they could eat me, but to sleep me was out of the question. In the second, a stout well-looking German—or, as I prefer to call him, a coming Canadian—took possession of me, remarking in one breath, but with an air of great punctilio, "You would in my house put up? Der conductor-man he so told me you to me might come. This my wife is. You should become to each other known.

She a bed for you will get—water! His Frau, who is of the pure Teutonic type, has a heart of great goodness, with emotions that lie close under the exterior. All might have been well with me at this hotel, but, unfortunately, in descending the closed-in stairway, I stepped on a sleeping cat and plunged headforemost to the bottom Some one has said that reserve is a sign of great things behind. Sweet Christians! I am proud of the way I behaved, and sorry my own folk were not there to see. Now, they will never believe it. One of the maids brought me brandy which I did not drink, but after awhile, my hostess fed it to me in what she called canards. You dip a lump of sugar into the cognac and transfer the lump to your mouth—that is all. You could never believe how nice they taste, or how curative they are for "crick" in the back.

Before long I am able to limp down the street and call on the doctor. I used to know him in days when we both lived farther south. But any way, a previous acquaintanceship would have made no difference. We do not need introductions at a frontier post like this, for there is an undercurrent of good fellowship which understands that the stranger who talks to you is not necessarily a scalawag, with subtle designs on your purse or your person. Any one who fails to grasp this plainly obvious fact is either a newcomer or a solemn humbug. This doctor has charge of the hospital car that lies in the station yard, and most of his time is spent travelling from camp to camp down the line of construction. I saw the car to-day, or rather I nosed it, for the smell of iodoform came siftingly through like dry cold. It is owned and operated by the railway company for the benefit of their employees. At certain stations along the line, the company have placed cottage hospitals where emergency cases are treated.

Those who have fevers or require major operations, are usually taken to the city. Long ago, when the earlier railroads were being constructed it was not possible to supply such life-saving appurtenances, so that nothing remained for the wretched fellows but to drag themselves away and die like hurt dogs. There is a current aberration that the golden age was "once upon a time," but, in my opinion, it is here and now, or at least it will be when every municipality has instituted classes to teach policemen the difference between drunkenness and a fit. I will say a prayer about this some of these days. One must be business-like. As he builds up and smokes a cigarette, the doctor tells me that the navvies and teamsters have a singularly critical taste in the matter of medicine. They do not like tablets or medicine with an innocent flavour.

Unless it be distinctly pungent, they feel cheated. I can see that and I dare say you will put me in a book, so I shall not rise to your questions—not I! Let us prefer to talk of how we shall invest our money when we sell our lots, and things like that. And yet who can say? Who knows? In these new places, the bread we cast on the sub-divisions has a way of returning to us in meat and pie and cake. It is often the height of wisdom to be foolish. That singularly unattractive person on the doorstep across the way—the shrunken, hollow-stomached one—has made much money in buying and selling. But I will not speak—not one word—but only smile in an enigmatical way, for the stop I am pulling out is one of intended indifference. It is about the navvies and teamsters I would talk and not of hollow-stomached men who gather much money.

The doctor rolls up two cigarettes and offers me one. Lady, you had better start now as a mere matter of expediency. Why not try this one? Time was when men only choked on grape seeds as did the old poet chap, Anacreon, but in these days, the navvies get appendicitis from them. It would be offensive to suggest other causes, in spite of the fact that most of them never taste grapes. They have fifty-fox power, these police fellows, although I have heard tell that a gallon or more of whisky has been within roping distance of them and escaped. A bottle that gets by them is worth ten dollars, but the navvies declare whatever it costs it is worth it. But, dear me, there are other liquids for inordinate and uncritical thirsts, such as——" "Your medicine? Do you think I care so much as a snap of the fingers for the medicine of this spiteful doctor of the countryside?

Not a bit of it! One of the navvies will give me a talisman if I cannot find the cordial tree for which I search. It grows in the North, and the fruit gives life to strong people and faintness to the weak. He lives always in the woods. Once, he found the tree but he was afraid to eat of it, for how could he know whether he was strong or weak? The only drawback to happiness is the peculiar impermanence of its character. Happiness is a large, comely person, but, withal, as elusive as the smallest sprite. Such hours of pain as I spent last night on this wretched sagging bed—I who was so happy only yesterday—with nothing to look at save a little lamp with a flame like a bleary red eye. Truth to tell, it was the eye that looked at me. It stared till I became hypnotized, when by the blessing of God, I fell asleep. This morning, I am consumed between a desire to get up and one to lie still.

In all such crises of the will, it is better to follow the line of least resistance, and so I lie in bed. Perhaps the sarcastic advice which the doctor set down for me under the word "Poison," may have frightened Daisy. I tell her a thing to do and she doing it keeps on, till I to stop tell her. Then I to her explain that she is not for ever to stop, nor for ever on to go, and all the time, about everything, I have her so to tell. She rubs me with a used-to-things way until I beg her to desist. I should not be surprised if Herr the Doctor took this means of venting his spitefulness on me. The Frau tells me she had a vision once. I wish to experience a vision, or a miracle, but nothing comes to me save presentments which have their terrible plain origin on the basis of cause and effect. Her vision was about heaven. She saw heaven quite distinctly and the streets were really made of gold. There were no children there, but only men and women, so that there must be a special Paradise for boys and girls.

The Frau believes heaven will be a failure because there is no division of the sexes provided for. How, she would like to know, could a woman enjoy heaven with men there all the time looking at everything she does. It would be an impossible situation. After awhile, Daisy brings me a meal. There is a tremendous finality about the way she sets down a tray. Daisy, in spite of her name, is not so much a housemaid as what they used to call a stout serving wench. She is courtly neither in figure nor manners. Her hair is puffed out over her ears and drawn down low, till her head looks like the husk of a hazel nut. But what odds? Daisy is splendidly plebeian and really of more value to the community than a writing person who falls downstairs. She cannot see for the life of her how I happened to come out here, and so I am apologetic and find it necessary to explain. She asks permission to try on my hat and tells me she has ordered a new one from Edmonton.

It is to have three "ostridge" feathers. To assure me that the cat I stepped upon is not dead, she descends to the kitchen and returns with it. The cat seems all right except that it sags in the middle, but Daisy says this is because it has just been fed. I am glad I did not kill it, in that I always associate a cat with Diana Bubastis, the Egyptian goddess who presided over childbirth, and who was represented with a feline head. Indeed, Bubastis is said to have transformed herself into a cat when the gods fled from Egypt—a play of gods and women and cats that has continued even to this very day. After dinner, I am able to go down to the sidewalk where I fribble away the hours agreeably enough. Some civil engineers who came in on the train with me are playing baseball on the road.

I think the rough clothes they wear throw their good looks into relief. Or it may be that the people are better looking in the North and have better physiques. It must be so, for the South has in all ages drawn upon the northern blood for rejuvenation just as, in these days, they need hard wheat to tone up their softer varieties. I write of them as merry gentlemen because this fornight agone I had been watching them make ducks and drakes of their savings. When they come to Town, which they do once or twice a year, they cannot be accused of nearness. Possibly," answered the delicious boy, "but I prefer to think of myself as March—in like a lion and out like a lamb. They yell into the telephones as if it were a lung tester, and it makes their hearts dance like daffodils to hire taxicabs for the day, boxes at the theatre, and to give suppers and dances to all and sundry of their acquaintances.

Neither are they laggards in love. They are vastly appreciative of the girls, and I am told go sweethearting with a directness there is no possibility of misunderstanding. It is well the girls do not take them too seriously, for they are roving bachelors all, and would seem to be as faithful as the poet who vows his love for Kate, and Margaret and Betty and Sweet Marie. Yet, once in a blue moon, an engineer and a girl make decision "to be man and wife together," and to live in a shack on the Residency, much to the annoyance of the townsmen, who dislike the engineers, being inordinately jealous of them. The game of baseball which the engineers carry forward on the highway is strenuous rather than scientific. Things that are considered important in the league matches have no significance here. As I watch the pitch and toss of the ball, it occurs to me that this game has filtered down the ages from the primeval woods where orang-outangs threw nuts from tree to tree.

You may credit me this was the way of it. A Chinaman and some Indians are also watching the game. The Indians think it fine fun, and fetch and carry the lost balls like spaniels retrieving sticks. I like the Indian men for several reasons, but chiefly because they are shrewd riders; have a sovereign indifference to appearance, and never quarrel over theology. The game of ball was not completed, the interest of the players being diverted by a blindly vindictive fight between a staghound and a bulldog. I did not see the conclusion of the fight, but the honours lay with the bulldog. As yet, there is no passenger service from Edson to the End of Steel. Several day coaches are run, but they are chiefly for the use of the engineers and workmen. This is how I happen to be the only woman aboard pulling out for the mountains across this newly-made trail.

Do not misunderstand me; it is the railroad that is new. The trail that runs by its side was an old one when Columbus discovered America, and beaten deep with feet, and also it is a long trail, for it leads through to the Pacific Ocean. For centuries, it was the only mark of human interference in this waste that is world-old. It is a trail of lean hunger and bleeding feet, one that has ever been prodigal of promise, but wary of accomplishment. Surely this is so, for once over it stumbled and swore those half-mad men known as the Caribou Stampeders—these, and other unwept, unhonoured fellows who fared into the wilderness for what reasons even the wise Lord knoweth not. If the bones of the red and white folk who have travelled this long, long street were stood upright, I doubt not they would make a fence of pickets for us all the way.

I have no sooner thought this thing than it happens there is a dry stirring and, in an eye-wink of time, the dead men have taken on flesh and colour. They must have been keenly near. Grim, plainish fellows are they, not unlike the gang around me, but rougher-clad and more hairy. They are powerful and full-lifed men, I can see that, and the rough-necked one with the trail stride and mop of curly hair is Alexander MacKenzie, a Scotchman from Inverness, but late of Messrs. His is a continental errand mark this well , for he is the first white man to cross the Rockies, and to tell us what lies over and beyond the hills where the sun goes down. Honour to Alexander MacKenzie, Esq. Some day, when Messrs. This man lived more than a century ago, and yet, as his figure fades back into nothingness, we see this other figure close by.

It is David Thompson, the Welshman, who has recently discovered a river, and has called it by his own name. Also, he has captured the Astoria fur-trade, and has established a trading post, which future generations will know as Kamloops. He likes to travel with pipers who go before him, piping as he enters a fort in order that Lo, the Red Man, may be properly impressed. The ugly person with the harshly aggressive features is Sir James Douglas. He looks as fully open to convincement as a stone pavement. This spalpeen near by is none other than young Lieutenant Butler of Ireland. He is gathering material for a volume he proposes to call The Great Lone Land. I like the way he carries his head. But on they go, and on, this long procession of pioneers, till we can only call out their names as they file by—Dr. Cheadle, and other lean, laborious fellows, long since passed into the shadows. Dead men do tell tales.

You may hear if you care to listen. And what a strange thing has come to pass in these latter months! The tenuous, twisting trail—that very old trail—has been superseded by a clean white road that is like to a long bowstring. Its impotent, creeping life has given way before the gallant onslaught of pick and spade, chain and transit, and before monstrous lifting machines which have other names, but which are really leviathans. Hitherto, it may be said of this land what was once said of Rome, that the memory sees more than the eye. This is no longer true. Before we realize it, Baedeker will be setting down a star opposite the name of a fashionable hotel in the Athabaska Valley, and the whole of this morning world, from end to end, will be spotted with a black canker of towns. Right glad am I to go through it this day with a construction party, and for my own satisfaction to mentally tie together the threads of the Past and Present.

And who knows but in a century from now some curious boy in one of these towns may find this record in an attic rubbish-heap, and may rejoice with me over the knotted threads. I love you, boy! My fellows of the Way, who are young engineers, tell me the peculiarity of each cut and grade and the difficulties they encountered. They do not speak of stations but of "Mile 48" or "Mile 60," by which they mean 48 miles from Wolf Creek. The railway, when completed, will measure 3, miles. Each engineer lives on a residency which is twelve miles long, and it is his duty to supervise the work of grading in his division. This duty occupies about eighteen months, when he is moved on to another residency. The men placed in a residency camp are an engineer, an instrument man, a rod man, two chain men and a cook. Over these camps, there are placed the chief engineer at Winnipeg; the divisional engineer at the End of Steel; and assistant divisional engineers, who may locate at different points from fifty or sixty miles apart.

The grading itself is built by contractors, and sub-contractors, down to station men, who with the aid of spades, picks and wheelbarrows, built a hundred feet. All these are paid by the yard and according to the nature of the soil or rock. The station men work from five in the morning until nine or ten at night, and make from five to ten dollars a day each. The blasters are known by the uneuphemistic title of "rock-hogs. The shack is fairly warm and comfortable and the Powers that Be supply to the men an abundance of the best food procurable, with a reasonable portion of dainties. The Powers doubtless recognize the distant advisability of keeping the engineers and their assistants in health and temper, for after all, nothing is so expensive as sickness. Still, the men are by no means petted. When visitors come to his residency they sleep between the sheets, while their chivalric host betakes himself to the long desk that is built for map work.

Each residency has a gramophone, and some of them have small menageries, including pet bears. In the summer, after hours, the men have outdoor games such as baseball and tennis. They have been able on several occasions to secure a sufficiently large attendance of women to have a dance. It may happen that the engineer is married and that his wife has girl-visitors, which party may be augmented by a visiting contingency from the residency twelve miles further down the grade, or some such fortunate happening as this. It is a heyday, I can tell you, when this happens. They do not quarrel in the residencies as missionaries do at their posts, although a man sometimes gets moody. All through the winter they talk over everything they did when last in town, and what every one else did. Between times, they can watch the married engineers and declare how much better the bachelors are situated.

Purple grapes were ever sour. They told me about other things, but I forget them; besides, they are secrets. One of the engineers gathers me some flowers at a wayside station, concerning which the others, with full-throated laughter, propounded riddles. The riddle, "Why does the willow weep? One man says he has read somewhere that violin makers construct their instruments out of the north sides of trees. He does not know if this be true, but I think it must be, for the urging of the north wind in the trees and the soft calling of the violin, are one and the same. They both allure to a land where no one lives. You must have observed this yourself. One rueful rascal with no civic conscience, and an overweening appreciation of his sex, gives it as his opinion that this is an ill-reasoned theory. He declares the sound to be a screeching crescendo that has its origin in an implacable quarrel between the wind and the pines.

The wind is a suffragette, a woman of determined grievance, who would be better of bit and bridle and possibly of gag. She makes the pine a butt for her insult and ridicule and a target against which she lashes the hail and drives her shrewish snow. When not grappling his throat with her plaguing, pestilent fingers, it is only because she is recoiling to strike again. Her silence fills him with a gnawing uneasiness similar to that one feels when he has swallowed a tack. And yet I would like to tell him he has overstated his case; to point out that the trees are cross-grained to the wind; that their green spectacles prevent their seeing things in proper perspective, and that they are deep-rooted in obsolete prejudices.

I should have liked to say this, but it is almost as equal satisfaction to score a verbal chicane. I think, perhaps, the men felt my silence more than I intended, for they argue the anti-suffragist out of countenance, although I have no doubt they secretly and sincerely agree with him. To change the subject, one of them brings me a caged squirrel he is taking to his residency. Punch is a well-groomed squirrel and has an immoderate tongue. His owner says that in the mountains these red squirrels collect and dry mushrooms. They group them on a rock, or fix them in the forks of young trees, ultimately banking them in hollow logs. He is trying to tame Punch, but then we have all heard of the American who tried to tame an oyster. Punchinello is as active as pop-corn in a pan. He is a squirrel with a job, and not nearly so light-minded as he looks. His job is to go round and round on a wheel but never to make progress, for the wheel is so swung that it revolves with him. I am appalled by the absolute inutility of it.

What a life! Wearing out a wheel and himself at one and the same time. You have heard of those Eastern folk, who, when they wish to praise Allah, buy birds and set them free. I have not heard," he replies; "tell me about them. I invested part of my savings at the races and the tenor of my success was markedly uneven. The father of my best girl has cursed me to the tenth generation. I will allow it would have been just as well had it not appeared, but there it was! There it was! I cannot see any special reason why I should set the squirrel free. Besides" and here he speaks softly and with a kindly persuasiveness, as if he had butter in his mouth , "this Punchinello is a sweet-toothed fellow, and the cook will feed him daintily; he has no store set by for the winter; no drey, no mate; he is not properly furred for exposure, and he would not know how to protect himself against the hawks and stoats. Surely, you would not have him go free? I tell you the thing would be cruelty itself, and I will not do it.

If he did it would probably make no difference, for the peculiarity about his arguments are their sincerity and wisdom. I always did suspect that Providence was a large serene young man with a strain of steel in him. At Bickerdike, all the engineers I knew got out. Some are stationed here; some await orders, but most of them go down the branch line that is under construction from this point. Bickerdike is largely a tent town, although, as yet, it is the metropolis of the Grade. No matter where you come from, it would be almost impossible to drop off at any of these little frontier posts without meeting some one you knew elsewhere, so representative is the population of this Northern country. At each post the same question is asked the newly-arrived passenger. At Marlboro, the people are talking of their cement industry, and at the next station lumber is the topic. They are making the lumber out of spruce. The small logs have been converted into railway ties.

Some of them are crossed. If ever you have "taken out" ties you know what this means. The railroad contractor, when he rejects a tie, crosses the end of it with a blue or red pencil. Once an acquaintance of mine, by name Jerry Dalton, took out a cut of ties in the Province of Saskatchewan. One day Jerry—an accurate man rather than a placid one—was stamping about somewhat more rampageous than a baited bull. Look at them ties! Crosses ith it? And so as I look at this pile of crossed logs by the wayside, I am wondering who is the rascal responsible for the Catholic themetery. These mills belong to a Northern timber chief whose large holdings have made them turbulent. They have called him a timber-wolf, and other names that are smart rather than polite. As a matter of fact, any man who pays the government dues and converts the trees into lumber for the use of the settlers, deserves all the emoluments that can possibly accrue.

On account of floods and fires, lumbering is a precarious industry, and the majority of operators fail thereat or carry a nerve-grinding overdraft at the bank. This play of lamb and wolf is frequently disastrous to the wolf. I would like to rest off here to see the whip-saw bite into the logs; to watch the long white boards as they fall from the carriage, and to drink in their refreshing odour, for the whole essence of the North is concentrated in the odour of the spruce. The creek is an impetuous, capering stream that leaps to the McLeod as a little laughing girl would throw herself into the arms of her father. This is the fairest tarrying place I have seen this way, and fit for a ball-room of the dryads. Down in the valley beside the great bridge, the divisional engineer has built him a wide house of logs, with hospitable porches and chimneys that suggest generous fireplaces.

I covet his right, title and ownership thereto. They are the primal ploughers of the land, these railway fellows, and can cut a valley out of a hill, like it were the rip of a brutal blade. To my thinking, this is an enterprise of high heart and bravery And yet, as I watch them at work, heaping up a grade, they seem small to me, and paltry, like dirty boys intent on nothing more serious than mud-pies. In some places, they build through marshy dunes that are coppery-brown and tawny-red. Walking in these places is like walking upstairs all the way, or like treading in deep straw, forms of exercise most certainly concomitant with heart disease and a hackney gait. Westward they go and Westward, these uncouth moving pictures of the landscape, that change well-nigh as quick as those on a canvas, but always it is a picture of a grade, a new cut, a gridiron of ties, and long, long trails of steel.

I tell you, these trails are the heartstrings of the North. But you must not think that the only builders are the men. The horses, mules and oxen help. Some folk there are who mislike the oxen, but these are foolishly prejudiced and ill-informed. The ox, it is true, has a tiresome straddling gait, and his brain is small in comparison with the bulk of his head, but contrariwise he retains a stolid reliability that keeps him at his job. He is an animal that walks in the light. There are northern men who will doubtless resent these remarks, so I may as well explain that my comparisons have been prompted by the conduct of "the gang" which offends my sense of decency. The "happy low lie down" all over the car in various stages of intoxication. How hideous they are with their unshaven faces, open mouths and yellow teeth!

Abroad they are silly; at home they are heart-scalds. As they sprawl over the floor like huge primeval toads, I am consumed by a desire to kick them with my boots. Drunkenness is a disgusting, unfleshed sin. And yet, these prostrate fellows are hardly more offensive than those still able to sit up and debate about nothing. It can be claimed, however, to cover the whole ground, and to be a masterpiece of brevity.

Documents Similar To Final Exposure and Judgement Upon Woman of Babylon

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