Basic strategy has it otherwise. Playing "by the book" in multi-deck games dictates hitting stiffs when the dealer shows seven or above, and also drawing to hard 12 against two or three. The "theory" behind never-bust blackjack goes like this. These statements are true. Not busting and getting the best chance of winning are horses of entirely different hues. The objective in blackjack is normally to maximize expected return on every bet; this is the criterion on which basic strategy is built. Departures from the standard may turn out serendipitously well on one or more individual hands, and may be ideal under specialized circumstances. But, in the long run, they cost bettors money. Say the dealer has nine-up. Chance of busting with this exposed card is 23 percent.


I hear it also can be found at some casinos in England. This is the simplest blackjack variant I have ever seen, requiring no decision making. The twist is that if either player or dealer bust, the bust card is burned. Comparisons could easily be made to Casino War. Rules Winning blackjack pays 6 to 5 or 3 to 2, depending on the will of casino management. Both player and dealer must hit until reaching a hand of 17 or more, except hitting a soft No doubling or splitting. If player or dealer bust, the bust card is removed, but no more cards may be drawn to that hand.

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Blackjack Dealers Never Bust

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